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i love blings blings

27 Mar

was looking at all the kind of diamond rings online. GOODNESS, they are AWESOME! yes, the 1carat ring i had isnt just enough, i am gald my baby just knows how much i love diamonds!

honestly, as most bfs will shun away when their gfs ask for that extravagant, baby doesnt! infact, he will ask me which particular kind i fancy! n most of the time, he will end up getting it for me!! =)

i am just EXTREMELY lucky to have him.

anyway, i doubt next time i will be wearing a wedding band, engagement rings are so much PRETTIER!! of coz, i have been dying to try the charlotte diamond rings in suntec. cant find them online, so cant post how it really looks like, just imagine it as is very futuristic n edgy i would say? haha!

ok, enough of the long entries, these are the rings i have been looking at.

this last one, i only like the side profile. other than that, nothing else.

but of coz, i love diamonds in rectangular shapes! =)


Hanging out with Bb

24 Mar

In the library waiting for bb now.. as usual, he practically took down everything that interest him on the shelf. yes, he is a super premium platinum library card holder (if there is ever such a card) that is y he can just sweep off all the books on the shelf.

i think i used to wish if only i could find a bf that enjoys going to the library doing readings with me. now? it seems more like he is asking me to do more readings!! i feel kinda demoralise, sigh… anyway, photos will say a thousand words…

so, here it goes!

while waiting for the lift,

since most of our library cards are free, this i think $45 +/- library card of his would seem pretty expensive..

art is about abstract? apparently, i am not quite there yet. yes, i think someone forgotten about the hands.

N I forced mister to take with “it”

nice isnt it? obviously i never really take note of it.

He was telling me when we saw this wimpy poster n that was one of the top movie in the chart. N he added, like who watches this? The wimps?! Haha!

still waiting for his renewal….

even b4 we go.. no bookS misseS hiS eyeSSSSSSSSS.

i like the way this author market his book.

Back in Curtin

23 Mar

Back in sch, feels weird that my surroundings are so bright! I guess I’m too used to having classes late at night!

I’m way too early. The course will start only at 230pm, n god knows wat I can do in sch..

Not forgetting, bb bought me 爱心面包(red bean bun)! I just love sweet stuff!


23 Mar

Fell asleep while waiting for bb to come back for his meditation class. N now he is back, my sleep was interrupted, n it became a power nap instead!

Great! I am so fully awake. I shall stand at the gate n guard the house now.

N bb?
Happily reading his forex forum…

Testing on iphone

22 Mar

Testing using iPhone.

I wonder if I can post photos up in here too?

i am starting to blog!

22 Mar

dear all,

YES!!! bel is starting to blog once again! n while im supposed to be sending out my resume, i ended up here!

oh my! haha! is going to be lunch time! n bb promised to bring home lunch for me b4 i go for my invigilation! =)

aint i blessed?

so, to all my “fan-ci” (like how the HK pple pronounced fans), please stay tuned!

hopefully, i can keep this going again! *prays damn hard!

till then, let me figure out how to change the themes n etc…

be patient with me! =)