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Gene Simmons

28 Apr

seriously, no one would really understand why i actually idolised Gene Simmons.

Despite all the demon costume, firestarter, bloodspitting, 6inch high heels n weird makeups, he is an absolute family man, ok, perhaps he seems to appear quite of a womanizer on the surface, he has got very smart business brains, love life, positive n respect woman, n i love this particular value he passed to his girl, that is, to be a strong, independent modern woman, and let no man defines the way you live your life.

ok, you guys must watch Family Jewels to really understand why i am impressed by this guy.


Adam’s nasi lemak

26 Apr

This is the only photo when we were out with Pau & Mark shopping.. N Pau is behind…

Saturday morning, we went to adam’s road for nasi lemak.. N as u guys know, there are always two stalls that are always in long queue, so both bb n me queued in both separate stalls.

The one in white plate is the first stall, the green plate is the second stall. And we concluded, if you are into the rice and chilli, u will love the second stall more. If you tend to finished the ingredients than finish the rice, go for the first stall. If you dun really bother, u can just queue whichever line’s shorter..

For the very first time, bb is so so so so into facebook!! There he is, flipping his SJI yearbook, getting all the names from there, searching and adding his long ago friends in there.. Oh ya, I got to block the corner of the photo in fb becoz he was showing me some famous eh.. Nvm..

now, we are at bukit timah xin wang having our dinner and waiting for his parents to finish their lesson at the temple, n bb is doing his lesson plan.. Me? Of coz here blogging on my iPhone! Haha!

double dates

25 Apr

i had a FANTASTIC NIGHT yesterday, n yoga with bb!

met up with Pau n Mark again, n we caught the Bounty Hunter =)

average show, not too bad, just alright.

next sat, WE ARE GOING TO JB! woooooooo~ after like dunno how many months of planning??!


23 Apr

i have been in love with lomo back in poly when it wasnt “that” famous at that time, n i am really quite fortunate that all my toy cameras are either from friends or the last one that i have, was really pretty pink limited edition blackbird fly from bb! of coz, during then, it was pondered either fisheye in white, or pink bbf.

n who knows after a year, I SAW FISHEYE2 IN PINK!!!

ok coz, i am thinking of getting another polaroid as well, Fujifilm Instax 210 Polaroid? this time round, is the one with the huge film~ the only problem i have is, i do not want to get them n few years down the road, the coloured ones start flooding into the market.. (coz there is only black available now.)


thank god i will be seeing u again in less than an hour’s time, n to meet pau as well..

the day we all became coffeeclub members

23 Apr

met up the girls ytd for dinner. and we all ended up playing and sharing all the applications we think is good! Cheng n Shin both asked me wat games i have downloaded, but point is, i dun really play games? i only download all the lomo n camera stuff… i tell you, once it started, all of us just went crazy taking photos!

Nick intro this application and she did this to us..

seriously, how much more sexier can we get?! with my new face, i am just so F chio.

the hair application i intro…. yes, this is my gorgeous, the second one is done by Cheng, is called the “when ah beng brings ah lian out. ” HAHA! (i cant find the rest?)

n the quad lens i intro..

anyway, is DAMN DIFFICULT to find a good panorama kind of application in iphone? so wat i did was, i still download those applications, n took  those panorama photos, but becoz i cant extract the photos out, i ended up printscreening my iphone. (printscreen just means u “take photo” of watever is shown on the screen itself.) Nick n Alex was so cute, they asked, “eh, iphone how to printscreen ar?”

but anyway, here it is!

this is taken by me!

and this is taken by Cheng who kept mocking at how slow i took my photo at first.. haha! n she kept saying “ALEX! U DUN MOVE! DUN MOVE AR!” haha!
next, Adeline! (realised she is playing Iggy’s iphone thru out the photoshooting! haha!) other than Cheng n Shin (with a bruised eye), everyone else is…. this is like the final destination show man! ok, i am talking nonsense.. so ignored me~ haha!

n finally, from Nick’s iphone. n only she has the ability to change panoramic photos to fisheye! wahaha! (is Adeline STILL playing?!! haha!)

so yap, amazingly, this 4 photos took us all an hour plus!!!! yes, something funny worthed mentioning… WE ARE ALL COFFEECLUB MEMBERS!! yes, HOW COOL IS THAT!!! we can go eat mud pie every now n then.. hahaha! so off we go heading to the movie, KICK ASS!

the starting seems like a screwed up show, but well, it isnt too bad towards the back! overall, quite a good show. not bad! of coz, when KickAss wore cape, he honestly does look like HARRY POTTER!!! oh yes, not forgetting Shin found a few dollars below her seat! like who the hell will check under their seat in the dark?! hahaha!

had a great fun night with them! =) thanks Cheng for organising it!!! next one i looked forward will be the one at Alex’s hse~ =)

was talking to Cheng on msn n at the same time, send them those panorama photos i edited.. n i realised BB’s msn can use handwriting! so yap.. this is wat i msn her..


20 Apr

was doing my night invigilation yesterday n after the exams, this person started talking to me a little while, and he asked if i would like to work for them? so anyway, long story short, i was offered a job that deals with the world’s 5stars hotels. St Regis is one of them, n many more.. so i just sent my resume over.

anyway, i am so surprised that there are still pple out there who are just living in their own world. as in, REALLY OWN WORLD. meaning to say, they dunno alot of stuff, which seems normal to us. i mean, i am not there to sterotype, but i am just very surprised?! is Sg here? n we are in the city?

oh ya, i am hoping that the paintings are still for sales… just in case you guys are thinking wat paintings can make me buy them, here it goes…

of coz, there are many more…

Fever craze

19 Apr

Haven’t been updating over the weekend. Fallen ill. Infact, I didn’t feel v well when I was halfway invigilating. Of coz, not forgetting that SF is such an angel for letting me go off 10 mins earlier.

N how lucky am I that once I reached the shelter, it started pouring HEAVILY!! Me? Total dry.

But no use, both Iggy n I have fallen ill together at our own house. Is not like he can tk care of me n I can tk care of him. Had bad fever n really bad flu. Our weekends are burned staying at home recovering. To b honest, i miss him a great deal for the past 2 days for not being v well to meet up for the both of us, even though I always have the luxury to get to see him like everyday.. Feel very much upset n handicap when he is not around..

My lup, Wayne is also down with a fever bug. Had a jab on his butt! Haha! He posted on fb, that’s how I got to know! Of coz, there r many more of my friends too who r down with fever? Wonder why at such same time?

Anyway, I know he will have the strength to handle his assignments, work n all the tests coming up this month! I will pray for him to find that extra strength, coz I am going to SMS u later to pass me ur proj so I can help u on the touchup if he needs of coz…

Just look at the amount of tissues I used during work..

I should have taken the photo of the big shopping paperbag that I used to contain all the used tissues!! Even my dad got a shock when I took them out to throw!

And bb brought me, ok, or rather he brought the both of us since we both need hot soup, to eat this fish steamboat that is damn famous at Neil road? Always full house that place…

Look at his sick flu-y [flu-ee] face

After when I request to give me a happier face, this is wat he gave.

This definitely cheered me up over the weekend! Is my favourite wallpaper for the time being!

Not forgetting, my dad, who was once a head chef, cook my Maggie noodle n present it in such a pretty sight!

Yes, all I need is just the best part, the positive side of each one I love deeply.

Haha! N of coz, many of u guys should have know I called my boyfriend’s dad, “sexy” over a text msg! Haha! N bb was saying that my daddy is not a “dilf” (if u guys even know such a term)

Oh! Having to lie beside iggy now + his huge snores now that he is in deep sleep…, while blogging thru my iPhone, is the best way any lazy pple like me loved about!! 🙂

I love you Baby! Though ur like talking again in ur dreams, like someone ate ur apple? Aiya, just go sleep lah, no one wants to eat ur apple lah.