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double dates

30 May

met up with Pau&Mark at 6pm to watch Shrek Forever After

is a very nice romance movie~ is about appreciating your loved ones, and be contented with what you have.

yes, and i have a wonderful bf, i have a bestest friend, many close friends, loving family, 2 cutest nephews! what more could i asked for? (other than my job hunt~ which is like damn tiring)

went to get Pau’s wedding shoes, ended up, we went all the way to Novena to get it.. went to Ichiban after that.

photos to upload soon….


im at COFFEEBEAN alone

27 May

by right i should be done with 2 articles, who knows, i ended up not even done with 1! my goodness! instead, on the bright side, i ended up finishing 2 books instead!

i havent gone back home for almost half a month too. BRILLIANT! BB kidnapped me. hahaha!

i am supposedly be using this time without bb (as usual, he is attending seminar) to do my work, ended up, i am sooo addicted by ann rule’s books, and blogging at the same time.

shit.. the cheesecake in coffeebean is calling me as well. n after that, we will be picking up the boys and bring them to Mac! =) honestly, i am feeling very much married now.

im missing bb too. n to many, that can be ridiculous, coz i get to see him everyday. im just so happy in this relationship now, n can never be any happier. is very different from all the relationships i got into, becoz of Iggy, i realised all the guys i dated are “just not that into me”. i am just not being treated the way i should be treated.

i am surprised that we still pretty much feel like how we first started, even for almost 2years now. yes, i still get butterflies in my tummy, i still get very excited n thrilled before meeting him. god knows how extreme grateful i am that he found me n being so persistent in chasing after me no matter how much i rejected him. haha! i really appreciate him so much, and the many many things he have done for me.

he pretty much still make me feel very special every single day. n i love him! =)

okok.. i think i should just stop all these sweet nonsense n get back to my article. ahhh….

Weekend Classes over at SMU

24 May

BB and i went for classes over the weekend. yap.. the originally $3000+each 2days course we attended at SMU.

n this is my sponsor. wahaha! love him!

took photos during our break.. =) wahaha! yes, as usual, i always love sitting in the centre front during class all the time!

n i brought like a whole plastic bag filled with FOOD! wahaha! i think i am having a picnic over there. didnt take any photo of it, but there are like 2 particular tidbits that i came across and they are AWESOME!!! even BB loves it!

this is the first one! is called the Shoyuemi! anyway, i didnt know it was spicy until i uploaded this photo.. anyway, this ISNT spicy.. so i have no idea why they stated is spicy?

the second one, everyone should have eat during their childhood days.. YANYAN! but is not chocolate or strawberry! instead, is MANGO!!! is damn nice!! moreover, is by MEIJI!

so ya guys, GO GET IT!!!


when the notebook n the netbook meets.

the class was full house, ALWAYS.

my new friend, Harry gave this to us! =) not forgetting, Iggy n I tot he is quite good looking too! n ya, the joke about his delay no more!

n i drew Tunzi.

went down to Geylang (MY FAVOURITE SUPPER PLACE!)

the kapo face. (there was some cars horning n such..)

vexed talking about some “toxic relationship”

this is damn nice! presentation is also good~

this is the prawn siew mai

the super spicy curry chicken chi cheong fan

fish maw, MY FAVOURITE!

The Next Day

i ended up not going for the second interview.. Bb was so good with the internet after the course, that he managed to find out that the company im going, is a somewat, insurance company..

and, i didnt expect there are pple warning one another in forums! n they will even tell you the address, cut n paste the content of the email. i GOT THE SAME! exactly the same way, the same method, even the HR name is also the same!

i wasted $30 on that day becoz of that.

so, Bb brought me to have that nice fish soup meal! but the thing was, weather was HUMID!!! halfway through, bb was DRENCHED!

headed to starbucks to do our work. and becoz of that stupid interview, i am more than determine to make the internet business works! afterall, our ShiFu said that, if we followed exactly the blueprint of wat he asked us to do, will we be able to see the income coming in by the 2nd week.

i dunno why, but when bb walked in with icecream in his hands for me, i feel very sweet by this gesture. mayb becoz earlier on i was joking about wanting to have icecream, he actually took note of it and gotten it for me! =)

the mango & durian icecream! =D

from daylight,

till dinner time,

till closing time! =)

i dunno where to insert this, so there! =)

i am so ADDICTED with this game after Gek’s gf intro to me.. i got everyone who have the acct to play this with me, n i got Bb to download as well, and we were playing this at 3am+ in the morning!! (coz you play at your own timing, and is fun!)

so if you are using iphone, and u are playing words, please add me at GUPPIES83. and if you happen to know my bf as well, you can also add him at, DAMNHANDSOME…. (WHAHAHAHA!)

i am so lousy at this, i put “HA” as a word! and the second time, i added, “HAHA”

Not Star trek, not honey Stars, but Starbucks 6

22 May

look at how sexy the way he sits.. haha!

very serious..

went home, and i saw this really thin car tyres this car has!

BB’s Big News

21 May

Photos that i left out from bb’s iphone…

these are the food we ordered at this place, from this previous blog entry  [click here]

the salmon was tough for me, but i love the baked potatoes! especially when i am never a potato lover. it was so good, bb was also eating mine!

this was his jumbo chicken thigh.

Today, Bb came home with an extremely good news! Just being able to be with him through all these, n seeing it finally pays off, I am just extremely thrilled and proud of him!

From now on, is all tears of joy we have! I love you baby! Thank you for letting me be the one to share all your joys and happiness! I am just happy at the corner, (n maybe just munching watever food I have at that point in time,) seeing u at ur very best.. 🙂

Just kidding Bb! I love you! Always have been!!

So, enough of the serious stuff, we wanted to go to a restaurant to celebrate, but then, nothing seems to b good.. So I brought BB to take a look at this mini casino where everyone was sitting in a bucket of coins, like jackpot those kind?

Goodness. Both of us are so glad that we ain’t gamblers, esp after looking at 2kids about 8yrs old having their bucket of coins too playing the games! N they were busy throwing coins every play?! Is like one hand in coins bucket, one hand on button, n the movement of inserting the coins were so pro n FAST, instead of focusing on wat the game is actually about, you are looking at how fast they insert those coins!

Why on earth are parents allowing such games for their kids?! Like can’t you adults see the co relations between this n jackpot?!

oh ya! We bumped into many pple.. First i saw my friend’s ex bf! But I act blur of coz.. Then BB saw his colleague! N later, my colleague too!

N i still told bb i want to get those paintings. 😦 anyway, we left n headed to sushi tei at big splash. afterall, like starbucks, the next place we always frequent is sushi tei!

So here are the photos!

this looks so pretty. but sadly, i dunno how to appreciate any raw food.

oh yes, this was GOOD! i dunno wat exactly this is, but is good.

this is a MUST for us both! haha! ok, at least for me! we are just salmon lovers!

n softshell crab.

can anyone tell me if the first word is duality, luality or is supposed to be quality?

Germaine Foo

20 May

this content is SOLELY for you, SHIN!

anyway, as u all know, shin n i were friends since we were 11yrs old? i think? and is been a love-hate relationship ever since.

OH YA.. just in case you guys are thinking how she looks like when we were both 15.

WAHAHHAHA! how apt! wat a NIGHTMARE.

anyway, i didnt go for the last interview, partially is becoz of her too. and i had a hard time telling her the whole scenario, and i came out with this bread and kaya hypothesis way of putting it across to her.. this bread shop sells bread (like duh?!) and they also sell kaya, and as more pple eats kaya, kaya shop decided to expand out away from the bread shop, so bread shop now only sell bread, n has no more kaya.. so wat happen here was, i went to the bread shop for interview, n i turn them down. one week later, kaya shop came and ask me down for an interview too. best part, is still within the same shop!! though is different entities.

but watever the case is, i think the kaya shop director is a very nice n patient young man. but i am just not into them.

and later we were talking about where are we going next week, she said ade n her cant make it coz they are going Phuket. so alright, then i just anyohow said, bring back some durian tubes then, and guess wat she said?!

and now you guys know what my eyeshadows and blusher are made out of..

well, i know it smells bad.. but is ORGANIC PRODUCTS!

WAHAHHAHAHA! i still cant stop laughing….

interview part 3

20 May

this was right after i finished my interview yesterday before i head to work at night… bb brought me to L-Shape food centre which they have this REALLY GOOD FISH STALL.

while waiting….

this is mine! thick bee hoon, with veggies, egg, seaweed, tomatoes, tofu,

n the most important, THE FISH!!!!!

bb took tom yam.. it tastes like tom yam, but instead of soup, it seems more like gravy~ haha! but is still damn nice.. very spicy too!

there! one bite to reveal how it looks like within..


im heading to the next interview soon later this afternoon… i am still in doubt. vexed.

and again, i really got a fantastic bf that offers to send me for the interview later! he is just such a great boyfriend i ever had! really blissed =)