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A trip to JB

22 Jun

had a great birthday night with Eelin, Char, Alvernia, Sean, Benson. THANK YOU FOR THE PERFUME! it smells really nice! and im wearing it now! hahaha!

especially Benson, really appreciate you travelling TO n FRO, UP n DOWN from dunno which Chu Kang to Town, many times..

and really appreciate everyone for coming! surprisingly EVERYONE HAD A SO MUCH BETTER TIME than me! hahaha! they loved the place i brought them to! haha!

ok, after like 3-4hours of sleep, off to JB with BB family and relatives…

this was taken at the contour mirror while waiting for BB’s dad to drive us all down.. obviously, the sleepy eyes face.

and this again..

he actually slept all the way to the custom.. HA

finally! we reached JB! so took toilet break, had some icecream, wait for the other car to meet up with us.

opps! dropped something…

“my white shirt got kanna anot?”

ya! heading for lunch!

ok, i think we both are so damn hungry, we forgotten about lunch photos.. this was the aftermath.. heading for dessert! DURIANS!! damn full lah!


“i am getting fat”

while the parents are choosing and taking out the money, all of us are at the back taking photos..

(taken from Bb’s iphone)

bb, auntie and uncle.

the whole family…

“what double yellow lines? do wat the local does, just park..”

i retreat after 2 seeds.. HAHA!

lady gaga? no… is gentleman gaga.

we went to JUSCO! ok, i dunno how you spelt that… haha!

not so nice..

this is so much nicer…

dinner time!


Not Star search, not twinkle Stars, but Starbucks 7

18 Jun

i should be starbuck’s most loyal customer… haha! took me so long to upload all these photos and edit some of them… and my title, i am seriously out of my wits for more ideas on star…

these are the titles i have since i started..

not Starstruck, not Starhub, but Starbucks
not Starfruit, not Starshape, but Starbucks 2
not Star baht, not Starfish, but Starbucks 3
not Star cruise, not jetStar, but OMG! is STARBUCKS! 4
not Starship troopers, not Starwars, but is Starbucks AGAIN! 5
Not Star trek, not honey Stars, but Starbucks 6

i think im brilliant! haha!

yesterday was very very productive.. did ALOT OF STUFF! im proud of myself.. just that there are some errors still. while waiting for my Shifu to help me… i will do the very basic… im gald that both BB and i have our advertisements all up at least! dunno who i am targeting also, i just put up whichever product that has the most gravity.. i was mental exhausted by evening, and i didnt have the appetite to eat and i was easily frustrated.. thank goodness BB is so understanding.. felt so guilty. love him tons!

now, i am DESPERATELY needing to put up more articles.. im totally STRESSED again! goodness.

have anyone saw the WorldCup MTV? Waka Waka (This time for Africa) by Shakira, i totally got addicted after BB showed me the youtube.

ok, now for the photos that were from dunno when?! haha!

BB planning for his class syllabus.

not forgetting, his words are EXTREMELY NEAT! n his hand writing is damn nice! im not praising him becoz he is my love, but many people say the same too!

*note, is not Sunday. is Swnday. HA!

and i cant reveal too much of the materials, so hence, the nougat!

my latest addiction, minute maid fruit punch =)

oh yes! as much as i love almond roca, i saw this! taste the same though?

this was another day at great world city.. and we saw this really smart concept of this business..

that is, teaching home economics at foodcourt! (is a panorama angle, so click on it.)
n the funny part of this photo was, i was too slow in taking photo, you can see TWO same chef at different places, and TWO student that looks the same! haha!

ok, BB was moving… =| (click on the photos, it will look different)

when my face is BLOATED, dun ask if i am having menses. i am.

OH! this very mysterious phone call i got, which i didnt dare to pick up.. is +65 000? like 5 numbers?! till now, i still have no clue who is it?!
(dun mind about my wallpaper.. they are my constant reminder of my goals.. haha! so dun ask about the blanco..

i dunno how others can get it taken so bright and shiny, whereas mine is like.. cloudy?!

and this looks like Thailand when we parked the car to go Lao Pau Sat

WAYNE GOT ME THIS for my birthday! LOVE IT! THANK YOU LUP! so paisei, i didnt expect anyway~

to end the blog, this REALLY BLACK lizard that scares almost everyone in Starbucks… (the best part, it kept SLIDING off the wall!) and BB just laughed everytime the lizard slides…. =|


17 Jun

setting up the business foundation is really tough. i have been doing it since bb left for work, and i only done up maybe only 30% of it. to be honest, i am really feeling abit fed up about it. goodness! give me the strength to carry on! I MUST MAKE THIS A SUCCESS! it will be!

need to redo logo, feedburner (is a headache), bloglog, the 404error (this is totally migraine), is affecting my comments, my extra pages and my about. next, advertisements!

stay positive, there are so many people helping me, i am hardworking, focus, diligent, willing to learn, proactive, i am doing well, i have seen it building for the past one month, is only a tiny tiny micro hiccups. is nothing! so there is no point letting it affect me. =)

i REFUSED to believe anyone who say i cant make it. coz, i am already HALFWAY THROUGH! wat can be worst right?

the promised and goal i had for myself, to be being able to see US$8000 EVERYMONTH by a year later, the chances are VERY HIGH. almost 99.999% so, be confident PEI! afterall, this isnt something new! im just adding advertisements to it! =)

BB and i will go thru this together! of coz, he will definitely profit more than US$8K!

ok, i shall head back to my clickbanks now. GOODNESS! wats this again?! another account signup?!


16 Jun

goodness. i did a logo, change the colours, and i realised that I CANT UPLOAD, i cant even click on my “about”


hours wasted where i could just surf porn.

ok, im joking.

I hate “if”

16 Jun

i am not trying to be mean, but seriously, why be so sceptical? afterall, EVERYTHING in life have it good and bad, pros n cons, positive and negative.

if you eat too much tomatoes, your skin will turn yellow = bad.
so wat? eating tomatoes are bad for you?

if it is really such good bargains, why is he sharing?
and tell me why is teacher still teaching?

and this is something i always hear.

if he is really such a good catch, WHY IS HE STILL SINGLE?
(n you must be really lousy too, no wonder you think this way n still single.)

why such bias negative prediction?
i totally believed that guy could be really lousy, but i also believed he is a good catch! he could have just broken up, he just couldnt commit becoz he is still schooling? he just didnt get to meet someone special, and his workplace could be all guys? (vice versa) i mean, how many of us are attached and THINKS is easy to find one you really can click with “ROMANTICALLY” at your workplace, sch, or your group of friends?

why not just encourage others to widen their circles, rather than giving them your bias comment? afterall, i believed they are mature enough to figure out whether they are good or bad.
is like i remember everyone saying this to me, if Iggy is so good, why is he single for so long? why you? now, look at us? or just ask ANYONE who hangs out with us? imagine if i were to listen to pple who are negative n not even give him a chance?

well, as much as i hate to admit, he have countless of girls going after him, and yes, he was single. why me then? to be honest, we just gel very well and fast together. we are so talkative together and there isnt much guys i can share and exchanged some “indepth” or serious topics with, most guys will be clueless, or either, they will brush such serious topic off. plus, i guess i wasnt going after him, yet we dun repel, even though he was definitely not the only guy i was seeing at that point in time, but no doubt, i do like him! =)


hate it when people are so negative.

For everything else

15 Jun

Days of having mega huge flu:


Days of having menses:


Days of NOT having menses:


Kgs gained over that 3days:


Finding out you have got all the gatherings coming up this week:


For everything else,

there is suicide.

Like a pufferfish

15 Jun

god knows wat happened, I AM BLOATED, FAT, OBESE watever!
I HATE MENSES. thank god i only have them like once or twice a year!

BB said my fingers are short and round. even my top looks fuller.


i saw more online,
and i thought this looks quite pretty too, but is abit too white?

this also looks pretty, but i dun like the emo feelings attach to it. and wats up with the dead fish? i like birds more. HA!

i still think the one BB got is still the prettiest! =) THANK YOU LOVE!

BB’s business blog is so nice! mine, is so ……………………
is really time i must reformat my PC… is affecting me to spend my time to build it… i can take like almost 45mins just to refresh!

the bright side, lucky the only thing i can keep it going on is posting my article up on time!!! typing is still not a problem!