17 Jun

setting up the business foundation is really tough. i have been doing it since bb left for work, and i only done up maybe only 30% of it. to be honest, i am really feeling abit fed up about it. goodness! give me the strength to carry on! I MUST MAKE THIS A SUCCESS! it will be!

need to redo logo, feedburner (is a headache), bloglog, the 404error (this is totally migraine), is affecting my comments, my extra pages and my about. next, advertisements!

stay positive, there are so many people helping me, i am hardworking, focus, diligent, willing to learn, proactive, i am doing well, i have seen it building for the past one month, is only a tiny tiny micro hiccups. is nothing! so there is no point letting it affect me. =)

i REFUSED to believe anyone who say i cant make it. coz, i am already HALFWAY THROUGH! wat can be worst right?

the promised and goal i had for myself, to be being able to see US$8000 EVERYMONTH by a year later, the chances are VERY HIGH. almost 99.999% so, be confident PEI! afterall, this isnt something new! im just adding advertisements to it! =)

BB and i will go thru this together! of coz, he will definitely profit more than US$8K!

ok, i shall head back to my clickbanks now. GOODNESS! wats this again?! another account signup?!


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