Not Star search, not twinkle Stars, but Starbucks 7

18 Jun

i should be starbuck’s most loyal customer… haha! took me so long to upload all these photos and edit some of them… and my title, i am seriously out of my wits for more ideas on star…

these are the titles i have since i started..

not Starstruck, not Starhub, but Starbucks
not Starfruit, not Starshape, but Starbucks 2
not Star baht, not Starfish, but Starbucks 3
not Star cruise, not jetStar, but OMG! is STARBUCKS! 4
not Starship troopers, not Starwars, but is Starbucks AGAIN! 5
Not Star trek, not honey Stars, but Starbucks 6

i think im brilliant! haha!

yesterday was very very productive.. did ALOT OF STUFF! im proud of myself.. just that there are some errors still. while waiting for my Shifu to help me… i will do the very basic… im gald that both BB and i have our advertisements all up at least! dunno who i am targeting also, i just put up whichever product that has the most gravity.. i was mental exhausted by evening, and i didnt have the appetite to eat and i was easily frustrated.. thank goodness BB is so understanding.. felt so guilty. love him tons!

now, i am DESPERATELY needing to put up more articles.. im totally STRESSED again! goodness.

have anyone saw the WorldCup MTV? Waka Waka (This time for Africa) by Shakira, i totally got addicted after BB showed me the youtube.

ok, now for the photos that were from dunno when?! haha!

BB planning for his class syllabus.

not forgetting, his words are EXTREMELY NEAT! n his hand writing is damn nice! im not praising him becoz he is my love, but many people say the same too!

*note, is not Sunday. is Swnday. HA!

and i cant reveal too much of the materials, so hence, the nougat!

my latest addiction, minute maid fruit punch =)

oh yes! as much as i love almond roca, i saw this! taste the same though?

this was another day at great world city.. and we saw this really smart concept of this business..

that is, teaching home economics at foodcourt! (is a panorama angle, so click on it.)
n the funny part of this photo was, i was too slow in taking photo, you can see TWO same chef at different places, and TWO student that looks the same! haha!

ok, BB was moving… =| (click on the photos, it will look different)

when my face is BLOATED, dun ask if i am having menses. i am.

OH! this very mysterious phone call i got, which i didnt dare to pick up.. is +65 000? like 5 numbers?! till now, i still have no clue who is it?!
(dun mind about my wallpaper.. they are my constant reminder of my goals.. haha! so dun ask about the blanco..

i dunno how others can get it taken so bright and shiny, whereas mine is like.. cloudy?!

and this looks like Thailand when we parked the car to go Lao Pau Sat

WAYNE GOT ME THIS for my birthday! LOVE IT! THANK YOU LUP! so paisei, i didnt expect anyway~

to end the blog, this REALLY BLACK lizard that scares almost everyone in Starbucks… (the best part, it kept SLIDING off the wall!) and BB just laughed everytime the lizard slides…. =|


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