A trip to JB

22 Jun

had a great birthday night with Eelin, Char, Alvernia, Sean, Benson. THANK YOU FOR THE PERFUME! it smells really nice! and im wearing it now! hahaha!

especially Benson, really appreciate you travelling TO n FRO, UP n DOWN from dunno which Chu Kang to Town, many times..

and really appreciate everyone for coming! surprisingly EVERYONE HAD A SO MUCH BETTER TIME than me! hahaha! they loved the place i brought them to! haha!

ok, after like 3-4hours of sleep, off to JB with BB family and relatives…

this was taken at the contour mirror while waiting for BB’s dad to drive us all down.. obviously, the sleepy eyes face.

and this again..

he actually slept all the way to the custom.. HA

finally! we reached JB! so took toilet break, had some icecream, wait for the other car to meet up with us.

opps! dropped something…

“my white shirt got kanna anot?”

ya! heading for lunch!

ok, i think we both are so damn hungry, we forgotten about lunch photos.. this was the aftermath.. heading for dessert! DURIANS!! damn full lah!


“i am getting fat”

while the parents are choosing and taking out the money, all of us are at the back taking photos..

(taken from Bb’s iphone)

bb, auntie and uncle.

the whole family…

“what double yellow lines? do wat the local does, just park..”

i retreat after 2 seeds.. HAHA!

lady gaga? no… is gentleman gaga.

we went to JUSCO! ok, i dunno how you spelt that… haha!

not so nice..

this is so much nicer…

dinner time!


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