June’s over

1 Jul

i still have not blog and upload the photos in JB and my birthday.. i have so many people who loves me, seriously, i feel so blessed.

Met up with Iggy’s SJI friends, they are quite funny.. especially when he was talking about this Maslow’s hierarchy.. he said it in hokkien, wat, if you dun have enough to eat or sleep, friends ask me out cannot, (coz social status belongs to 3rd level? cant remember) and if the 1st level is not satisfy, how can 3rd level be satisfied?

they were asking us how we met, how long we tgt and when are we getting married.. it was quite funny.. i used to hate Iggy SO MUCH.. which i didnt know why? i used to think he was a stupid ah beng, damn kapo, and talk so much… HAHA! but i guessed, everyone can just sense how loving we are? he was saying, this Iggy, he just keeps talking about belinda belinda belinda! he just cant stop talking about you! haha!

so now you guys know why i tamed down so much? as much as i seriously feel very sweet and loved, i tried not to fb too much.. i think everyone will be damn sian too.. haha! if love is bread, i think i will be FREAKING FULL! the happiness is really about loving someone full heartedly and being loved way back more than what you have put in.

ok, i just invested 1k in this bidding system.. using BB’s CASH! haha!! anyway, i am very optimistic about it. is time we see the fruits.. =)


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