In search for blazers

5 Jul

Watch like 3 movies in the past one month…

She is out of my league IS DAMN FUNNY!  (n i realised, i just got a heel like hers just now in town!)

Knight and day is DAMN GOOD! every girls should get themselves such encouraging n positive bf like tom cruise!

lastly, Karate kid! n Jaeden looks just like his father! and his (ni hao meow? – hello kittens in chinese.. HA!)


Saw Ralf n Joey when we were at Suntec! and not forgetting, i saw Melvin the other day at ToaPayoh too!

anyway, we spotted a BRILLIANT PLACE TO WATCH NDP!!! this is at shaw tower’s carpark! yes, CARPARK! i didnt had time to take the helicopter with the national flag and the 5 fighter jets, so i only took the “bomb smoke?”

along the road

ok, almost everyone knows where this place is.. is like they are FOREVER HAVING SALES…

time to go home after karate kid…


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