I am really F lucky!!!

8 Jul

just when i am all depressed and upset about my iphone, I FOUND MIRACLE!!

oh yes, i forgotten to talk about what happen to it… i couldnt take it anymore, so i decided to on my phone.. everything works! other than the screen faded and is really DIM… is almost as good as black.

i only had two options, one is to live with DAMN DARK SCREEN which i cant sms or see, buy a new iphone. (which no one would repair water damaged..)

god knows i found this guy called Jeffrey!! he was telling me, i can change my LCD for $100.. after i was dead honest with him about water damaged, he told me, than in that case, you can still change the LCD for $100 but i would advised you to change that water damaged for $80, and go to Apple and change for another one?

watever! i feel damn happy once again!


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