10 Aug


I just love my country very much! i love the peace i am having, i love the education that i am “forced” to complete (thank god), i love the shopping paradise, i love the FOOD! i love my singlish! n i just love my people (especially those that DOESNT COMPLAIN about how shitty THEIR life is.)

i just dun understand what is there to complain about when Singapore is such a great place to live? is like, have u been to other countries where girls just cant hang out ALONE, late at night? where everything is fast n organise? where we can just stand up for wat we feel injustice about? where air is so clean, n we just got nothing to worry much about?

if u are MY friend reading this, sorry, but i think there are much bigger issues revolving in other’s pple life rather than ur life. u are just pathetic. come on, is like every family has its own shit, every country has its own problems too. if you can make a PERFECT LIFE in ur own family, then u got every right to pin point our country to its perfection. seriously, i just hate those who think u are so smart, pls, give up ur citizenship, we dun need you minority to bad mouth our country.

to be honest, no one is starving? (even if u go to the temple, they do give free food!) n which countries govt will help?? n those who complain about the high salary of our govt is getting, pls, dun u guys get it? just look at the corruptions in other countries? n to be honest, dun b a sour grape.

our media, they create a perfect social stability in our society. we dun have our fears or watsoever. we always have our assurance in many things in life.

i am just so thankful that im BORN in Singapore, i am extremely thankful for our MM Lee, who chose good leaders for us all, who has so much insights n depth (if u have a chance, go watch any govt talks, business talks or whereever he is up on stage talking, believed me, you will be amazed by the knowledge n the farsightedness he has for us all) i just have got so much respect for him.

i know He wouldnt know this blog, but anyway, THANK YOU MM LEE! i really really hope to take a photo with You one day!


ok, after all the great sense of belonging and thankfulness, is back to job hunting again. =(


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