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BB working hard for our future milk powder

12 Sep

is a long weekend… but doesnt matter to bb, coz while other bfs are spending time n enjoying their long weekend with their gfs, bb is forever working~~~

im not complaining.. i just felt the heartache, n i miss him. he is the only bf i had who said with real actions. he wants me to have a terrific life, n he worked hard for it.

like, WHOSE BF WORKED 7DAYS ?! as in really 7days?! yet, he still sets time aside for me =) LOVE HIM TO THE MAX!!!

we talked about housing, the kind of my proposal ring i want, we cant wait to have our own kids, cant wait to be parents, we are just extremely excited with the everything that is lining up for us.

so, if you are at the food fair at expo EVERYDAY over this weekend, yes, my handsome is there. will upload some of the cute photos we took over at pau’s chalet! is DAMN FUNNY LAH!!! esp that mona “iggy”


After a long halt

10 Sep

went for the second round interview, ultimately, i think like wat bb had said, law of attraction doesnt work for me, is the law of repulsion that comes to me! HAHA!

i hate salesman. guess wat?! my ex ex ex is a salesman, my previous ex is also a salesman, my mum as a business woman, is a salesman herself too, my bf is a saleman, n now, I AM MY BIGGEST SALEWOMAN! OMG…..

but guess wat, if i get the job, my pay is definitely more than my peers! HA!

anyway, congrats to my BB, u are getting PROMOTED! i love u! (not becoz u are promoted lah~)

seeing paupau getting married, makes me extremely excited n happy for her… i just cant wait..

tml, bbq with paupau they all!! hahah!