After a long halt

10 Sep

went for the second round interview, ultimately, i think like wat bb had said, law of attraction doesnt work for me, is the law of repulsion that comes to me! HAHA!

i hate salesman. guess wat?! my ex ex ex is a salesman, my previous ex is also a salesman, my mum as a business woman, is a salesman herself too, my bf is a saleman, n now, I AM MY BIGGEST SALEWOMAN! OMG…..

but guess wat, if i get the job, my pay is definitely more than my peers! HA!

anyway, congrats to my BB, u are getting PROMOTED! i love u! (not becoz u are promoted lah~)

seeing paupau getting married, makes me extremely excited n happy for her… i just cant wait..

tml, bbq with paupau they all!! hahah!


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