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i realised that my blog is sort of in the “international google mode” n there are quite a number of friends all over the globe reading it n asking where am i from..

so, just a brief introduction from where i am.

im from Singapore (n if you guys havent been here, DO COME N VISIT!) Singapore is a tourist paradise! we are one of the safest countries in the world, world class airport and zoo~ many of us are bilingual, tons of shoppings!! and not forgetting the FANTASTIC FOOD we have over here!! Singapore is practically a shopping and food paradise!!

and if anyone is coming over for a visit, feel free to contact me in any of my comments, i will give u the list of places you MUST visit! =)


i have got 275892634624303 things i loved in my life! so it is pretty difficult to define wat kind of a person i really am. i love everyone around me, SERIOUSLY.

in short.
i love life, my family, Ignatius, friends, diamonds, leather bags, watches, heels, baking, lomography, travels, sweet stuffs =)

what money can solved, is never a problem, what money cant solved, it is.
therefore, i really appreciate friends who are positive, grateful, and just pure sunshine! =)

the biggest stresses in life, it makes the one you thought big, seems small. i have my problems too, but if you cant learn to laugh your problems off, it is just going to bother you as long as you remember!!

so, life is short, learn to make fun of yourself!! =)

anyhow, this is my blog, just enjoy my entries like how i enjoyed the things happening around me! =)

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