igbe [it-bi, it-bee]

he is ignatius, and she is belinda.

i’m the two-timer, he’s the third party.

we were singles when we met, but, that’s wat others thought, & we are too lazy to explain.


i would like to believe i dated enough guys, to say that i am not blinded by love. Iggy is really perfect. To some, just becoz you dun believed in perfection, doesnt mean there isnt.

If you get a good partner, you will be happy, if you get a bad one, you will end up becoming a philosopher, or some shakespearer (my term, haha!).

I used to ridicule people who said, “you will know he is the right one when you meet one.”n i will be like, “ya right.” who would have guessed, i am dead sure that he is the last one after we dated after 3months. (ya, be shocked.)

half a year later, he gotten a 1carat diamond ring for me. =)
is been a FABULOUS about 2years now, the urge of us wanting to start a family together is even stronger.

I swear i am not sucked into twilight, i love the romance (dun get me wrong), but most importantly, i have my version of Edward Cullen, n Ignatius, is so much better and real.

I love my Baby very much.



my ex brought me to a bowling competition and Iggy was there too. He tried to strike a conversation with me, and it was funny how i gave him closed ended answer every single time. He gave up after 5questions, and didnt even want to look at me after that! hahaha! i hated him, he hated me.

it was facebook that really got us together, slowly from msn to sms.

even though he has asked me out like forever, i have rejected him over n over. his logic was well, she is going to reject anyway, so it doesnt make a diff if i just keep asking. (great salesmanship ar?!)

and honestly, who will expect an ah beng looking guy like him top 3 in University of London? who the hell will get 99marks in MSM, or got 1st in SOCIOLOGY?! i never know my rankings? all i knew was, i needed 1 more mark to pass my sociology. any o how, the reason why i mentioned that is not to prove how smart he is, (coz obviously he is still very intelligent and clever) n he offers to do my homework for me!

so ya lah, since he insisted, i also shy NOT not NOT GIVE HIM RIGHT?! the tutorials he did, i scored better. (haha! something to feel worthy about!) but when comes to project, MY GOODNESS! he scored distinctions always! but no use lah, exams pulled everything down! wahaha!

i understand totally about there come’s no free meal in the world. so one day, i just agreed going out with him. who knew, we had got so much to talk, we just enjoyed one another’s company, and we just went out EVERY SINGLE DAY EVER SINCE.

so, the way to my heart is actually,


of coz, how we actually got together, is up for us to know, n i will just stop from here. haha!


.. july 2009, we met ..

.. 1st sep 2009, we started talking more ..

.. nov 2009, going out everyday since ..

.. jan 2010, “unknowingly” we are attached ..

so we do not have an exact anniversary date like many couples do. =)

.. nov 2011, we aimed to get hitched on the 11/11/11 ..

coz i want that date! wahahaha!

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