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A week before SG50

2 Aug

Bb has to work over the weekend.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. N because he had to wake up early, so I told him don’t stay over.

But he will always find time to have dinner with me! So we went to geylang to have our porridge.

Really enjoyed every moment spent with him.. we just have endless things to talk about.

Sigh, another day without him.. I looked forward to tomorrow night…



17 Aug

seriously, i would totally enjoy my lifestyle now….  if only i am a tai tai.. haha!

been going for a couple of interviews, rejected 3. shit. n to be honest, though i kept thinking about it, i even asked Iggy if he thinks i have regretted it, but he asked me, if they called u again saying that you got that offer, would u still take it? n i just said NO without hestitating..

so yap. like wat he said, perhaps that was the closest offer i got, i felt “so close, yet damn F far.” (ok, i added the F. he isnt as vulgar as i am! ha) tomorrow, another interview.. cant wait…

oh ya, was browsing n looking at Marina Bay Sands hotel, I AM JUST SO JEALOUS. not the swimming, but the stunning view!

bb was so sweet today! i mean, he is sweet to me everyday, but he wasnt just sweet, but extra extra sweet. honestly, i used to look down on girls who are boy crazy, (ok, i still do, unless he is ur bf~) anyway, take it that i am boyfriend crazy, but seriously, if are in my shoes, i bet u will be the same too!

i had an interview this afternoon, and he just came to pick me up! not only that, he waited for me till i finished, n when i told him i had blisters on my feet, he immediately asked me to stay put, n went to get pumps for me to change! n he did all these without me saying! is very sweet n touching. not only that i am happy that he is my bf, i am also glad that our passions for one another are still the same even after 2years =) well, at least it didnt fade, but instead it grew! =)

how can you NOT love him more?!

Is a love hate relationship with IPHONE

7 Jul

my iphone slipped and fell into a bucket of WATER!

seriously, no one knows how heart-broken i am…. and after researching like nobody’s business, most iphones are able to work after a few days when is placed IN a bag of rice sack…

i really hope it will worked…

the only thing i am worried is, the screen faded really DARK when i took it out of the water.. almost like is off… i really prayed that all these will be fine after 3days time….

BB who bought the iphone for me, DIDNT SCOLD ME… i feel worst… all he said was, anything that money can solved, is not a problem… and instead of scolding me, making me feel lousy n clumsy, he comforted me…

unlike, ………………………. (this asshole)

as you all know, i used to have a different date every 3 months in sch.. i mean, i was single, and i want to know wat my options are.. anyway, this bf of mine, my goodness, bought me something, after a few months, i think it a bit wore off, and he scolded me like dunno wat? like, wow lao, is very expensive you know? then DUN BUY FOR ME! besides, i dare say i hardly uses guy’s money… so if you guys want to buy girls expensive presents, i suggested you shut up after buying. like, show me anything you buy that wouldnt spoil or wore off? that is no differences between asking a girl back for the things he got after breakup if he wants to voice out how heart pain he is to part those money.

that is why i stopped seeing that loser. i even offered to give the present back to him!

so girls, DUN LET ANY GUY DEFINE THE WAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. NEVER SHORTCHANGED YOURSELF. if you insist that thought that you are not worthy of a better guy, (you need to change that tot!) and you are unhappy about MOST things happening in your current relationship, than most probably you are short-changing yourself.

of coz, Iggy n i have our differences, but i was taught that, it was the differences that makes you attracted to the other person, n many says compromise, but yet, most didnt realised that their “compromising” have unknowingly became a “changed” for the other half, and you end up unhappy. to think many can say, dun try to change the other guy, and yet, you changed yourself n ended up unhappy n shortchange yourself.

and BB said once to me, “i dun want you to compromise for me, this is NOT a virtue. if you are unhappy, tell me. we can talk our differences out”

like, my goodness! where the hell did i get a guy like that?! and to think i was telling all my schoolmates how irritating this “salesman” is… (i dunno why i called him that.. coz he kept asking me out n i got a hunch that he must be selling insurance! haha!) and i didnt like ah bengs, which he looks very much like one last time and drives an ah beng car too.. so not my fault for my first impression wat!

i am so glad i am finally settled down, and we are getting married next year end. =D we even planned about the schools our kids will go. the girls will follow me in IJ, and the boys will follow him in SJI. yes.. that’s how far we went…

June’s over

1 Jul

i still have not blog and upload the photos in JB and my birthday.. i have so many people who loves me, seriously, i feel so blessed.

Met up with Iggy’s SJI friends, they are quite funny.. especially when he was talking about this Maslow’s hierarchy.. he said it in hokkien, wat, if you dun have enough to eat or sleep, friends ask me out cannot, (coz social status belongs to 3rd level? cant remember) and if the 1st level is not satisfy, how can 3rd level be satisfied?

they were asking us how we met, how long we tgt and when are we getting married.. it was quite funny.. i used to hate Iggy SO MUCH.. which i didnt know why? i used to think he was a stupid ah beng, damn kapo, and talk so much… HAHA! but i guessed, everyone can just sense how loving we are? he was saying, this Iggy, he just keeps talking about belinda belinda belinda! he just cant stop talking about you! haha!

so now you guys know why i tamed down so much? as much as i seriously feel very sweet and loved, i tried not to fb too much.. i think everyone will be damn sian too.. haha! if love is bread, i think i will be FREAKING FULL! the happiness is really about loving someone full heartedly and being loved way back more than what you have put in.

ok, i just invested 1k in this bidding system.. using BB’s CASH! haha!! anyway, i am very optimistic about it. is time we see the fruits.. =)

he said to me

15 Apr

Iggy sms me just now, “Pauline is not meeting us tonight, can i ask you out on a date?”

though we go out like EVERYDAY, n i know it sounds like nothing to u guys, but is always fantastic to have a boyfriend who you are in love with, still treat u with respect rather than assuming “my gf will always be there for me”


While we were waiting for our food..

realised i didnt take much of wat we ordered..
Isn’t this logo means… Erm.. Just figure it out urself.

loved the way they drew. Just look at the details of the lightings on the mangosteen.

is PINK!! If not mistaken, it cost the same as white.

there were some big shots coming? Of coz I didn’t wait…

On our way back, we saw this cab that was so one of it’s kind.. There were lights, shiny rims, even those side stickers n some mercedes badge in the front.. N this is wat I managed to snap..