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21 Jan

is been quite some time since i last blog.

I got a job! (like finally), pau gotten married, iggy got promoted but changing job~

well, i went for an interview at SMU on the 14 sept, n im in the big family now! is been 3months plus coming 4months.

everything is really great here! other than the scoldings i constantly get myself into, the rest are GREAT! benefits are fantastic! cant ask for more! i am the youngest in my dept, tons of love from my colleagues.

even before i was confirmed, everyone just asked me to use up my $300 travel allowance that the company gives before the year ends. i am also given $200 computer allowance! =)

i love my “just nice” hectic n busy work life, even more on the whole working environment! our pantry, consists of one pool table, one soccer table, one really huge nice sitting area (with very nice colourful sofa) huge tv, n two KTV and gaming (wii/PS3) room. seriously, HOW NICE IS THAT?! not forgeting about the free flow of hot chocolate n coco drinks (latte, mocha, etc)

another thing that i am happy with is the work-life balance. we get one hour time off every week to do exercise. but honestly, i never utilise it. haha! gym is free of coz! SQ air ticket is 20% off =)

n the party! we just had SMU’s 11th party! free pizza, donuts, beers, cotton candy, popcorn, milo, fishballs n alot of food lah~ we just went crazy~ haha!

in short, i will be here for a LONG LONG TIME (if nothing happens).

Iggy will soon be flying to beijing for business, shit part, the tickets are WAY TOO EX becoz of CNY. =(

so since we will be flying in march with my whole entire family, i will just settle for that. =|

things are good. hope that it will be way better soon.