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After a long halt

10 Sep

went for the second round interview, ultimately, i think like wat bb had said, law of attraction doesnt work for me, is the law of repulsion that comes to me! HAHA!

i hate salesman. guess wat?! my ex ex ex is a salesman, my previous ex is also a salesman, my mum as a business woman, is a salesman herself too, my bf is a saleman, n now, I AM MY BIGGEST SALEWOMAN! OMG…..

but guess wat, if i get the job, my pay is definitely more than my peers! HA!

anyway, congrats to my BB, u are getting PROMOTED! i love u! (not becoz u are promoted lah~)

seeing paupau getting married, makes me extremely excited n happy for her… i just cant wait..

tml, bbq with paupau they all!! hahah!



25 Aug

I guess this must b the worst interview for me.

Ever had you study for science paper and it came out a maths paper? Or u study really hard on a particular chapter n it came out very harder?? U still recalled that feeling of anxiety?!

Yes! That was it!

I was asked to design a mailer using dreamweaver. I sat in the computer, looking at wat was once familiar with me n didn’t know how to do.. So I asked what position am I applying for, she said, oh nvm, I can open Photoshop if u dunno how to use dreamweaver.

Again, I fell into the “once I used to get full marks over it, n now, is looking so alien.”

Panicked, I just heck care n open Microsoft paint. Thank goodness someone invent such layman application on earth!! So all I did was printscreen throughout. N if I didn’t love the font, I just used Microsoft words n I just paste n printscreen throughout!

Goodness! I think I’m genius man!!!


17 Aug

seriously, i would totally enjoy my lifestyle now….  if only i am a tai tai.. haha!

been going for a couple of interviews, rejected 3. shit. n to be honest, though i kept thinking about it, i even asked Iggy if he thinks i have regretted it, but he asked me, if they called u again saying that you got that offer, would u still take it? n i just said NO without hestitating..

so yap. like wat he said, perhaps that was the closest offer i got, i felt “so close, yet damn F far.” (ok, i added the F. he isnt as vulgar as i am! ha) tomorrow, another interview.. cant wait…

oh ya, was browsing n looking at Marina Bay Sands hotel, I AM JUST SO JEALOUS. not the swimming, but the stunning view!

bb was so sweet today! i mean, he is sweet to me everyday, but he wasnt just sweet, but extra extra sweet. honestly, i used to look down on girls who are boy crazy, (ok, i still do, unless he is ur bf~) anyway, take it that i am boyfriend crazy, but seriously, if are in my shoes, i bet u will be the same too!

i had an interview this afternoon, and he just came to pick me up! not only that, he waited for me till i finished, n when i told him i had blisters on my feet, he immediately asked me to stay put, n went to get pumps for me to change! n he did all these without me saying! is very sweet n touching. not only that i am happy that he is my bf, i am also glad that our passions for one another are still the same even after 2years =) well, at least it didnt fade, but instead it grew! =)

how can you NOT love him more?!


10 Jun

Very upset about the whole interview. Not professional, esp coming from a mnc company.

Bias and pre judge.

I have never in my life let anything upset me to the extend that it just keeps daunting me. Moreover is just a Fking interview! Like u come, n u go without any hard feelings even if you are not chosen??!

She is seriously an asshole that made me feel so lousy about myself. God knows how many people she have done it to!


9 Jun

Been pretty busy with my setting up of business. Partially also because you dunno what’s there you need to do, yet you want to make it perfect.

Whatever, as long as it drives traffic, I’m all fine with anything! Haha! Pray for me! And yes, is Wayne’s birthday, happy birthday to my dearest lupbbb !!

these are the super expired photos in my iphone… this is BB’s favourite must have whenever he goes to newton. and practically everyone RECOGNISES US! anyway, i finally gave it a try on what is so nice about this…

im surprised, is really good! just that i dun like the mee. other than that, everything is nice! esp the soup is really good!

this was the other day at starbucks… and that boy is chasing after this cleaning car? i dunno wats that called? n that uncle went to scold him!! haha!

oh yes! after seeing this, i remember we came from Novena! bought this “popiah candy” originated from the 80’s i think? is MY FAVOURITE!!! i will ALWAYS buy them whenever i sees it!

ok, is not very clear, but those brown stuff are actually peanuts…

and this REALLY HUGE RED BEAN BUN sold at 7-11! (ok, it looks damn normal size up in here, but one bun is as big as your palm!!)

bb waiting for his food.

i forgot to take a photo on the egg YOLK! is damn pretty!

and this is mine. (doesnt look nice, but the taste is still alright.)


and this was taken yesterday at starbucks. setting up and getting a business going is pretty tough at times, esp when you are talking about the soft codings behind it….

oh yes. i was being labelled by BB as a gambler. who knows, after i stopped playing after 3days, he started being addicted to it. HAHA!

not forgetting, i jump to SLOT MACHINE! wahahhahaa!!!!!!

i WON 4 TICKETS TO NDP! like, YA!!!!!!

the problem is, who is going? i ballot for the fun of “not thinking that i will win”

anyway, GOOD LUCK FOR MY INTERVIEW LATER at 5pm!!!! =)

interview part 3

20 May

this was right after i finished my interview yesterday before i head to work at night… bb brought me to L-Shape food centre which they have this REALLY GOOD FISH STALL.

while waiting….

this is mine! thick bee hoon, with veggies, egg, seaweed, tomatoes, tofu,

n the most important, THE FISH!!!!!

bb took tom yam.. it tastes like tom yam, but instead of soup, it seems more like gravy~ haha! but is still damn nice.. very spicy too!

there! one bite to reveal how it looks like within..


im heading to the next interview soon later this afternoon… i am still in doubt. vexed.

and again, i really got a fantastic bf that offers to send me for the interview later! he is just such a great boyfriend i ever had! really blissed =)

is a long day

20 May

i am WORKING RIGHT NOW AT THIS TIME. 7-10pm. is a night exams.. being an invigilator, i am being bored to death. n i have finally save all the 1000+++ photos from my iphone into a backup hard disk, and fed all my pets in facebook, n now, im here blogging!

interview was pretty good just now. i like the culture, i like the environment, but i am still not very sure wat will the what exactly is the job scope? the reason they gave was, is only the first round, only when the respective directors were to interview you, you can start to asked more questions? so alright..

is a finance and banking industry? i didnt even know how i got in there? anyway, seems like there are quite a lot of Curtin students there…

i cant believed that i got lost IN ORCHARD!! i mean is nothing new, but becoz with ION n the rest of the new underground n shopping centre tunnels, i am more confused than ever! is like, if i ever need to go to ION, just park the car there n we will shop the entire day there, if taka, we will just park at taka. i came to realise that, if i ever want to shop in town, like most people, alight at orchard, n u will tend to walk ur way down to somerset area, sometimes even to dhoby ghaut! now, is just within the building.. n no wonder i am getting fatter to for not walkin as much.. haha!

oh yes! and Bb asked me to wait right outside when i finished.. coz he came to pick me up! so sweet right?? is like, i didnt even ask for it! yet he asked me to hang around the area n wait for him..

n there will be another interview tomorrow.. i hope i can meet up with my sister they all after the interview.


yesterday bb bought SUBWAY home for me to eat! nice! esp after such a long time i last ate..

n he brought me to starbucks later on AGAIN! (coz paupau works near there) and we were waiting for her to end work.. n we got free sample on homemade donuts?

is really homemade. it really tasted exactly like wat my mum made.. is wat u expect the donut to taste like, plus cinnamon.

This is how safe Singapore is… You leave ur blackberry n wallet, no one will take it..

He left it there for like ages…

dinner, the very famous chinese nasi lemak at chong pang~ they are still the BEST in terms of their ingredients and chilli!

ok, gtg!!! bb is waiting for me to end work! =)