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23 Apr

i have been in love with lomo back in poly when it wasnt “that” famous at that time, n i am really quite fortunate that all my toy cameras are either from friends or the last one that i have, was really pretty pink limited edition blackbird fly from bb! of coz, during then, it was pondered either fisheye in white, or pink bbf.

n who knows after a year, I SAW FISHEYE2 IN PINK!!!

ok coz, i am thinking of getting another polaroid as well, Fujifilm Instax 210 Polaroid? this time round, is the one with the huge film~ the only problem i have is, i do not want to get them n few years down the road, the coloured ones start flooding into the market.. (coz there is only black available now.)


thank god i will be seeing u again in less than an hour’s time, n to meet pau as well..


the day we all became coffeeclub members

23 Apr

met up the girls ytd for dinner. and we all ended up playing and sharing all the applications we think is good! Cheng n Shin both asked me wat games i have downloaded, but point is, i dun really play games? i only download all the lomo n camera stuff… i tell you, once it started, all of us just went crazy taking photos!

Nick intro this application and she did this to us..

seriously, how much more sexier can we get?! with my new face, i am just so F chio.

the hair application i intro…. yes, this is my gorgeous, the second one is done by Cheng, is called the “when ah beng brings ah lian out. ” HAHA! (i cant find the rest?)

n the quad lens i intro..

anyway, is DAMN DIFFICULT to find a good panorama kind of application in iphone? so wat i did was, i still download those applications, n took  those panorama photos, but becoz i cant extract the photos out, i ended up printscreening my iphone. (printscreen just means u “take photo” of watever is shown on the screen itself.) Nick n Alex was so cute, they asked, “eh, iphone how to printscreen ar?”

but anyway, here it is!

this is taken by me!

and this is taken by Cheng who kept mocking at how slow i took my photo at first.. haha! n she kept saying “ALEX! U DUN MOVE! DUN MOVE AR!” haha!
next, Adeline! (realised she is playing Iggy’s iphone thru out the photoshooting! haha!) other than Cheng n Shin (with a bruised eye), everyone else is…. this is like the final destination show man! ok, i am talking nonsense.. so ignored me~ haha!

n finally, from Nick’s iphone. n only she has the ability to change panoramic photos to fisheye! wahaha! (is Adeline STILL playing?!! haha!)

so yap, amazingly, this 4 photos took us all an hour plus!!!! yes, something funny worthed mentioning… WE ARE ALL COFFEECLUB MEMBERS!! yes, HOW COOL IS THAT!!! we can go eat mud pie every now n then.. hahaha! so off we go heading to the movie, KICK ASS!

the starting seems like a screwed up show, but well, it isnt too bad towards the back! overall, quite a good show. not bad! of coz, when KickAss wore cape, he honestly does look like HARRY POTTER!!! oh yes, not forgetting Shin found a few dollars below her seat! like who the hell will check under their seat in the dark?! hahaha!

had a great fun night with them! =) thanks Cheng for organising it!!! next one i looked forward will be the one at Alex’s hse~ =)

was talking to Cheng on msn n at the same time, send them those panorama photos i edited.. n i realised BB’s msn can use handwriting! so yap.. this is wat i msn her..

he said to me

15 Apr

Iggy sms me just now, “Pauline is not meeting us tonight, can i ask you out on a date?”

though we go out like EVERYDAY, n i know it sounds like nothing to u guys, but is always fantastic to have a boyfriend who you are in love with, still treat u with respect rather than assuming “my gf will always be there for me”


While we were waiting for our food..

realised i didnt take much of wat we ordered..
Isn’t this logo means… Erm.. Just figure it out urself.

loved the way they drew. Just look at the details of the lightings on the mangosteen.

is PINK!! If not mistaken, it cost the same as white.

there were some big shots coming? Of coz I didn’t wait…

On our way back, we saw this cab that was so one of it’s kind.. There were lights, shiny rims, even those side stickers n some mercedes badge in the front.. N this is wat I managed to snap..