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is a long day

20 May

i am WORKING RIGHT NOW AT THIS TIME. 7-10pm. is a night exams.. being an invigilator, i am being bored to death. n i have finally save all the 1000+++ photos from my iphone into a backup hard disk, and fed all my pets in facebook, n now, im here blogging!

interview was pretty good just now. i like the culture, i like the environment, but i am still not very sure wat will the what exactly is the job scope? the reason they gave was, is only the first round, only when the respective directors were to interview you, you can start to asked more questions? so alright..

is a finance and banking industry? i didnt even know how i got in there? anyway, seems like there are quite a lot of Curtin students there…

i cant believed that i got lost IN ORCHARD!! i mean is nothing new, but becoz with ION n the rest of the new underground n shopping centre tunnels, i am more confused than ever! is like, if i ever need to go to ION, just park the car there n we will shop the entire day there, if taka, we will just park at taka. i came to realise that, if i ever want to shop in town, like most people, alight at orchard, n u will tend to walk ur way down to somerset area, sometimes even to dhoby ghaut! now, is just within the building.. n no wonder i am getting fatter to for not walkin as much.. haha!

oh yes! and Bb asked me to wait right outside when i finished.. coz he came to pick me up! so sweet right?? is like, i didnt even ask for it! yet he asked me to hang around the area n wait for him..

n there will be another interview tomorrow.. i hope i can meet up with my sister they all after the interview.


yesterday bb bought SUBWAY home for me to eat! nice! esp after such a long time i last ate..

n he brought me to starbucks later on AGAIN! (coz paupau works near there) and we were waiting for her to end work.. n we got free sample on homemade donuts?

is really homemade. it really tasted exactly like wat my mum made.. is wat u expect the donut to taste like, plus cinnamon.

This is how safe Singapore is… You leave ur blackberry n wallet, no one will take it..

He left it there for like ages…

dinner, the very famous chinese nasi lemak at chong pang~ they are still the BEST in terms of their ingredients and chilli!

ok, gtg!!! bb is waiting for me to end work! =)


Fever craze

19 Apr

Haven’t been updating over the weekend. Fallen ill. Infact, I didn’t feel v well when I was halfway invigilating. Of coz, not forgetting that SF is such an angel for letting me go off 10 mins earlier.

N how lucky am I that once I reached the shelter, it started pouring HEAVILY!! Me? Total dry.

But no use, both Iggy n I have fallen ill together at our own house. Is not like he can tk care of me n I can tk care of him. Had bad fever n really bad flu. Our weekends are burned staying at home recovering. To b honest, i miss him a great deal for the past 2 days for not being v well to meet up for the both of us, even though I always have the luxury to get to see him like everyday.. Feel very much upset n handicap when he is not around..

My lup, Wayne is also down with a fever bug. Had a jab on his butt! Haha! He posted on fb, that’s how I got to know! Of coz, there r many more of my friends too who r down with fever? Wonder why at such same time?

Anyway, I know he will have the strength to handle his assignments, work n all the tests coming up this month! I will pray for him to find that extra strength, coz I am going to SMS u later to pass me ur proj so I can help u on the touchup if he needs of coz…

Just look at the amount of tissues I used during work..

I should have taken the photo of the big shopping paperbag that I used to contain all the used tissues!! Even my dad got a shock when I took them out to throw!

And bb brought me, ok, or rather he brought the both of us since we both need hot soup, to eat this fish steamboat that is damn famous at Neil road? Always full house that place…

Look at his sick flu-y [flu-ee] face

After when I request to give me a happier face, this is wat he gave.

This definitely cheered me up over the weekend! Is my favourite wallpaper for the time being!

Not forgetting, my dad, who was once a head chef, cook my Maggie noodle n present it in such a pretty sight!

Yes, all I need is just the best part, the positive side of each one I love deeply.

Haha! N of coz, many of u guys should have know I called my boyfriend’s dad, “sexy” over a text msg! Haha! N bb was saying that my daddy is not a “dilf” (if u guys even know such a term)

Oh! Having to lie beside iggy now + his huge snores now that he is in deep sleep…, while blogging thru my iPhone, is the best way any lazy pple like me loved about!! 🙂

I love you Baby! Though ur like talking again in ur dreams, like someone ate ur apple? Aiya, just go sleep lah, no one wants to eat ur apple lah.


16 Apr

i am cold, hungry, tired, hungry (oh, have i just said that?)

flu is really taking my draining my energy away. i am neither hot or cold.

oh ya. im hungry.

n guess what, out of a sudden pops by the BIG BOSS!!! like where did he comes out from?! n there i was, sick, n he was nice enough to make a convo with me..

shit.. i feel bad. i will try to catch up with him the next time i sees him.

sch is HAUNTED! haha

12 Apr

my colleagues are so cute. is been many times that room 204 has heard noises and bangings on the walls coming from the next class during exams, but when we head over to the next door, the room is dark n empty.

so as i was thinking of the layout of the classrooms, i told them to go over to check in room 208 (which is 2 classes away), n obviously they didnt, n poor Eug was terrifield for so long until today i drew out the layout for SF to see. n she finally got wat i meant. honestly, how cute can they get? haha!

not forgetting the grapes that bb bought… i was really impressed by how perfect the grapes looks! but of coz, dun judge it looks by its cover! is SOOOO DAMN SOUR!!

there is only like 6 that is separated.

and everything else is intact. perfect, but DAMN SOUR!

let’s see…

6 Apr

okok, i know, i havent been updating recently…

morning invigilations is seriously wat i dread most! as much as i hate to catch students cheating, but yet, i got to be fair to those who really studied and deserved it. god knows how many i caught in total? at least i know is more than 10students. hate it. is like, your parents worked so hard back in China, n u are here enjoyin life in Sg.

anyway, i am so glad to have a bunch of ex-colleagues i have.

This is wat Eug got for me! Of coz, Mickey was the one who paid for it, Lela was the one who thought of me, Eug was the one who brought it up to me along with SF too! haha!

That is why I really feel grateful n thankful, esp appreciative to the angels that is constantly around me.