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17 Aug

seriously, i would totally enjoy my lifestyle now….  if only i am a tai tai.. haha!

been going for a couple of interviews, rejected 3. shit. n to be honest, though i kept thinking about it, i even asked Iggy if he thinks i have regretted it, but he asked me, if they called u again saying that you got that offer, would u still take it? n i just said NO without hestitating..

so yap. like wat he said, perhaps that was the closest offer i got, i felt “so close, yet damn F far.” (ok, i added the F. he isnt as vulgar as i am! ha) tomorrow, another interview.. cant wait…

oh ya, was browsing n looking at Marina Bay Sands hotel, I AM JUST SO JEALOUS. not the swimming, but the stunning view!

bb was so sweet today! i mean, he is sweet to me everyday, but he wasnt just sweet, but extra extra sweet. honestly, i used to look down on girls who are boy crazy, (ok, i still do, unless he is ur bf~) anyway, take it that i am boyfriend crazy, but seriously, if are in my shoes, i bet u will be the same too!

i had an interview this afternoon, and he just came to pick me up! not only that, he waited for me till i finished, n when i told him i had blisters on my feet, he immediately asked me to stay put, n went to get pumps for me to change! n he did all these without me saying! is very sweet n touching. not only that i am happy that he is my bf, i am also glad that our passions for one another are still the same even after 2years =) well, at least it didnt fade, but instead it grew! =)

how can you NOT love him more?!


I know, i know

12 Jun

is like the 90275263491749027598470174 times another friend of mine is asking me when is my red bomb. to be honest, Iggy and I are both equally excited, but i am still hoping for the 111111 date.

come to think about it, i didnt partor with Iggy for very long, and to shock you guys more, we more or less got “engaged” after about 6months together. (yes, thats how the 1 carat ring came about.)

last time when girls tell me that you will know he is the one becoz YOU WILL JUST KNOW IT?? i think they are all idiots. who knows, i am slapping my mouth now! haha! i am never more than sure that i want to settle down. you really WILL KNOW!! after all, is been a TERRIFIC 1.5years. i am extremely HAPPY. happiness just escalate all the way to my family, my surroundings, just everything! this is definitely wat i want.


you know, i used to think being such a feminist, i tot i enjoyed wearing the pants in all my relationships, i know so many of my girlfriends who are actually wearing the pants rather than the skirts, infact, MOST of the girls i know are. girls now are as smart and intelligent, we earned just as much, and we voiced out as loud too. until i got to know Iggy, i realised that i really do love the idea of wearing the skirt.

i love the feeling of a guy taking control of all situations, being decisive, got a mind of his own, ambitious, you know how some guys are just not so attentive and initiative? and you just cant let go and let them handle some things? Iggy is the only one that i know i can TOTALLY RELAX because is him. infact, you will even doubt that you cant do a better job, and you will rather him to do it for you. most important, he remembers what i say, he puts me as his priority, he makes me feel very loved, he is very respectful.

he is very nurturing. he taught me many many things, he open my view points, he expose me with many things i never knew, and he told me something recently that i am surprised to learnt about this, he heard somewhere, where couples by right should NOT compromise to the extend that you have totally changed for the other half UNKNOWINGLY, because when one dun want to fight, you give in, is only when there is no more arguments and quarrels, thats when the sparks have went off. it is because of the differences you both had at first, that made the two come together. he told me giving in to him is not a virtue. so to be honest, we both do fight a lot… very constructively. =)

honestly, after hearing that, how many of you are in a damn long relationship, not even sure if you still love him, or you are just too used to him? and you cant even be bothered to fight? im guilty.

so anyway, if you are going to ask when am i going to get married again, i will just tell you i just gave birth last month. HA!

he said to me

15 Apr

Iggy sms me just now, “Pauline is not meeting us tonight, can i ask you out on a date?”

though we go out like EVERYDAY, n i know it sounds like nothing to u guys, but is always fantastic to have a boyfriend who you are in love with, still treat u with respect rather than assuming “my gf will always be there for me”


While we were waiting for our food..

realised i didnt take much of wat we ordered..
Isn’t this logo means… Erm.. Just figure it out urself.

loved the way they drew. Just look at the details of the lightings on the mangosteen.

is PINK!! If not mistaken, it cost the same as white.

there were some big shots coming? Of coz I didn’t wait…

On our way back, we saw this cab that was so one of it’s kind.. There were lights, shiny rims, even those side stickers n some mercedes badge in the front.. N this is wat I managed to snap..