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BB working hard for our future milk powder

12 Sep

is a long weekend… but doesnt matter to bb, coz while other bfs are spending time n enjoying their long weekend with their gfs, bb is forever working~~~

im not complaining.. i just felt the heartache, n i miss him. he is the only bf i had who said with real actions. he wants me to have a terrific life, n he worked hard for it.

like, WHOSE BF WORKED 7DAYS ?! as in really 7days?! yet, he still sets time aside for me =) LOVE HIM TO THE MAX!!!

we talked about housing, the kind of my proposal ring i want, we cant wait to have our own kids, cant wait to be parents, we are just extremely excited with the everything that is lining up for us.

so, if you are at the food fair at expo EVERYDAY over this weekend, yes, my handsome is there. will upload some of the cute photos we took over at pau’s chalet! is DAMN FUNNY LAH!!! esp that mona “iggy”


double dates

30 May

met up with Pau&Mark at 6pm to watch Shrek Forever After

is a very nice romance movie~ is about appreciating your loved ones, and be contented with what you have.

yes, and i have a wonderful bf, i have a bestest friend, many close friends, loving family, 2 cutest nephews! what more could i asked for? (other than my job hunt~ which is like damn tiring)

went to get Pau’s wedding shoes, ended up, we went all the way to Novena to get it.. went to Ichiban after that.

photos to upload soon….

After a long break

2 May

I reached home one day, and i noticed this mess on bb’s table… POWDER!! like, how come?? so i asked my mister, he said, OH, got ants lah! hahaha!

i think he is using some old formula like how ancient people uses sulphur (i think? some yellow powder?) to get rid of snakes in their compound.. (well, if u watched mythbusters, they busted this myth.)

but anyhow, whether is true or not, there are really no ants on the table after he did all those mess.. haha!

went out shopping with my mum the other day, goodness, seriously i love her like crazy!! like, i dunno anyone who thinks of their mum every single minute? ya, i just idolise, admire, n love her!

this was the view in the TOILET!!! like, WOW! ok, i know some of u might be like, see wat? honestly, i also dunno see wat, but is about having to see a clear view up there….

this was where NorthPoint toy “R” us used to be..

Mum, I LOVE YOU TONS like EVERY SINGLE DAY!! though i know u will never see this blog of mine anyway..

met up with Pau&Mark over the weekend.. to watch….. IP MAN 2!

of coz, something worthed mentioning, BB met up with Wendy, and YES! is approved, and is going to be happening soon in this coming AUGUST!! not only that, BB also signed up for the license too. BB, JIA YOU! and I LOVE YOU!

was waiting for Pau&Mark to reach Vivo for our movies, as usual, bb will always head to the bookstore.. n while he is browsing at those books, i noticed about this book shelf…


just how cute this is?! two kittens awaiting for the woodpecker.

and there is my prince charming… my “hiao ma” bb.. stand also must look stylo milo from behind..

got style right?

after the show, we headed to bakerin for our super late supper. and this is MINE! (coz curry is too spicy n bb is so sweet to initiate wanting to have my curry)

there! this is the curry i underestimated! haha! 

n the mini burgers Pau&Mark shared! =)

 there! trying to merge everyone in a single take… HAHA!

the next night, saw this when bb was bringing me for supper.. for the benefit of those who dun understand chinese characters, “sheng shiong super market, IS ALL BECOZ OF YOU!”

erm, well, doesnt seem like is very welcoming….

we went to this yong tau foo that is super famous.. n is the only place where the lady boss can scold all the customers yet customers still come.

and this is wat happens when we wait too long…

and this KFC ah pek is actually the fast forward of my love. HAHA!

before the war begins,

yes, the stall is STILL NOT YET OPEN. and just look at the crowd..

so i leave the fighting part for bb, and i am there queuing.. coz this place, it doesnt mean if u are the first to take ur food, you will be serve first.. you will still have to line up for your turn.

there! everyone just placed their food there waiting patiently for their turn.

the long long queue…

the queue is ON-GOING and NEVER ENDING!

here! our BASIN of YONG TAU FOO!

Adam’s nasi lemak

26 Apr

This is the only photo when we were out with Pau & Mark shopping.. N Pau is behind…

Saturday morning, we went to adam’s road for nasi lemak.. N as u guys know, there are always two stalls that are always in long queue, so both bb n me queued in both separate stalls.

The one in white plate is the first stall, the green plate is the second stall. And we concluded, if you are into the rice and chilli, u will love the second stall more. If you tend to finished the ingredients than finish the rice, go for the first stall. If you dun really bother, u can just queue whichever line’s shorter..

For the very first time, bb is so so so so into facebook!! There he is, flipping his SJI yearbook, getting all the names from there, searching and adding his long ago friends in there.. Oh ya, I got to block the corner of the photo in fb becoz he was showing me some famous eh.. Nvm..

now, we are at bukit timah xin wang having our dinner and waiting for his parents to finish their lesson at the temple, n bb is doing his lesson plan.. Me? Of coz here blogging on my iPhone! Haha!

double dates

25 Apr

i had a FANTASTIC NIGHT yesterday, n yoga with bb!

met up with Pau n Mark again, n we caught the Bounty Hunter =)

average show, not too bad, just alright.

next sat, WE ARE GOING TO JB! woooooooo~ after like dunno how many months of planning??!