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25 Aug

I guess this must b the worst interview for me.

Ever had you study for science paper and it came out a maths paper? Or u study really hard on a particular chapter n it came out very harder?? U still recalled that feeling of anxiety?!

Yes! That was it!

I was asked to design a mailer using dreamweaver. I sat in the computer, looking at wat was once familiar with me n didn’t know how to do.. So I asked what position am I applying for, she said, oh nvm, I can open Photoshop if u dunno how to use dreamweaver.

Again, I fell into the “once I used to get full marks over it, n now, is looking so alien.”

Panicked, I just heck care n open Microsoft paint. Thank goodness someone invent such layman application on earth!! So all I did was printscreen throughout. N if I didn’t love the font, I just used Microsoft words n I just paste n printscreen throughout!

Goodness! I think I’m genius man!!!


Art of photoshop

12 Jun

was surfing at other’s blogs, and i just cant help to keep laughing at all these edited photos!

(courtesy from Chris, though i dunno him?)

so guys, enjoy!

haha! i seriously think the photo you are going to see next, is HILARIOUS!!!

HAHA! the “Cullens” is also funny!

and this poster that is sooooo cute!