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21 Jan

is been quite some time since i last blog.

I got a job! (like finally), pau gotten married, iggy got promoted but changing job~

well, i went for an interview at SMU on the 14 sept, n im in the big family now! is been 3months plus coming 4months.

everything is really great here! other than the scoldings i constantly get myself into, the rest are GREAT! benefits are fantastic! cant ask for more! i am the youngest in my dept, tons of love from my colleagues.

even before i was confirmed, everyone just asked me to use up my $300 travel allowance that the company gives before the year ends. i am also given $200 computer allowance! =)

i love my “just nice” hectic n busy work life, even more on the whole working environment! our pantry, consists of one pool table, one soccer table, one really huge nice sitting area (with very nice colourful sofa) huge tv, n two KTV and gaming (wii/PS3) room. seriously, HOW NICE IS THAT?! not forgeting about the free flow of hot chocolate n coco drinks (latte, mocha, etc)

another thing that i am happy with is the work-life balance. we get one hour time off every week to do exercise. but honestly, i never utilise it. haha! gym is free of coz! SQ air ticket is 20% off =)

n the party! we just had SMU’s 11th party! free pizza, donuts, beers, cotton candy, popcorn, milo, fishballs n alot of food lah~ we just went crazy~ haha!

in short, i will be here for a LONG LONG TIME (if nothing happens).

Iggy will soon be flying to beijing for business, shit part, the tickets are WAY TOO EX becoz of CNY. =(

so since we will be flying in march with my whole entire family, i will just settle for that. =|

things are good. hope that it will be way better soon.


Weekend Classes over at SMU

24 May

BB and i went for classes over the weekend. yap.. the originally $3000+each 2days course we attended at SMU.

n this is my sponsor. wahaha! love him!

took photos during our break.. =) wahaha! yes, as usual, i always love sitting in the centre front during class all the time!

n i brought like a whole plastic bag filled with FOOD! wahaha! i think i am having a picnic over there. didnt take any photo of it, but there are like 2 particular tidbits that i came across and they are AWESOME!!! even BB loves it!

this is the first one! is called the Shoyuemi! anyway, i didnt know it was spicy until i uploaded this photo.. anyway, this ISNT spicy.. so i have no idea why they stated is spicy?

the second one, everyone should have eat during their childhood days.. YANYAN! but is not chocolate or strawberry! instead, is MANGO!!! is damn nice!! moreover, is by MEIJI!

so ya guys, GO GET IT!!!


when the notebook n the netbook meets.

the class was full house, ALWAYS.

my new friend, Harry gave this to us! =) not forgetting, Iggy n I tot he is quite good looking too! n ya, the joke about his delay no more!

n i drew Tunzi.

went down to Geylang (MY FAVOURITE SUPPER PLACE!)

the kapo face. (there was some cars horning n such..)

vexed talking about some “toxic relationship”

this is damn nice! presentation is also good~

this is the prawn siew mai

the super spicy curry chicken chi cheong fan

fish maw, MY FAVOURITE!

The Next Day

i ended up not going for the second interview.. Bb was so good with the internet after the course, that he managed to find out that the company im going, is a somewat, insurance company..

and, i didnt expect there are pple warning one another in forums! n they will even tell you the address, cut n paste the content of the email. i GOT THE SAME! exactly the same way, the same method, even the HR name is also the same!

i wasted $30 on that day becoz of that.

so, Bb brought me to have that nice fish soup meal! but the thing was, weather was HUMID!!! halfway through, bb was DRENCHED!

headed to starbucks to do our work. and becoz of that stupid interview, i am more than determine to make the internet business works! afterall, our ShiFu said that, if we followed exactly the blueprint of wat he asked us to do, will we be able to see the income coming in by the 2nd week.

i dunno why, but when bb walked in with icecream in his hands for me, i feel very sweet by this gesture. mayb becoz earlier on i was joking about wanting to have icecream, he actually took note of it and gotten it for me! =)

the mango & durian icecream! =D

from daylight,

till dinner time,

till closing time! =)

i dunno where to insert this, so there! =)

i am so ADDICTED with this game after Gek’s gf intro to me.. i got everyone who have the acct to play this with me, n i got Bb to download as well, and we were playing this at 3am+ in the morning!! (coz you play at your own timing, and is fun!)

so if you are using iphone, and u are playing words, please add me at GUPPIES83. and if you happen to know my bf as well, you can also add him at, DAMNHANDSOME…. (WHAHAHAHA!)

i am so lousy at this, i put “HA” as a word! and the second time, i added, “HAHA”

no more “window shopping”

14 Apr

in the early days of our partoring (dating), when my sis first expose iggy n i about the purchase of apartments, from her “collections” on tiny hamster living studio apartment, to her now, horse stable private apartment? ( anyway, not forgetting the nearby bukit timah food centre sells DAMN GOOD FOOD!) , thats how iggy started bringing me to various showroom. but needless to say, i am doing more on the “window shopping” n he is the sponge absorbing ALL INFORMATIONS.

usually, or at least friends around me, is always the girls who know more about the balloting, procedures, the informations, make the decision, watsoever.. i think i am the one being totally spoon fed by my mister. HOW NICE IS THAT! i am so THANKFUL that he knows his stuff, n did his homework all the time!

anyway, BB had a diarrhoea in the morning, accompany him in the afternoon to see a doc, and while i was in the car, i got a shock when i saw legs coming out beside the car window at one glance..

this is really one of those “sia lah! i tot whose legs kanna chop off here.”

so after the doc’s, bb was also getting much better, n he brought me to HDB hub (oh ya, since when first toapayoh sch got replaced by st nicks?? thats like 2 IJs side by side?! man, our new convent sch looks like a superb magnificent cathedral! why on earth didnt they build earlier so at least i can study there for a year b4 i grad?! sigh)

n when i tot we were just looking around, surprisingly he found a very good HDB that fits most of wat we are looking for. n he says, hey! lets queue for it. n he got all excited… like, WAT?! honestly, i was the one who freaked out.. not that i wasnt prepared, hey wait, ok, i am not prepared like TODAY?? i tot it was one of those “window shopping?!”

ok, dun be mistaken, is not that i do not love iggy, (which i doubt none of my friends cant feel the electrical waves coming from between us, is like the current waves are so strong that so many of you can feel my love even in my facebook lah!) i am MORE THAN PREPARED to just be 9months pregnant n b a mum of BB’s child just with a snap of fingers by tomorrow.. just that, i am still in the “look-see, look-see mode”

OMG! i feel like an adult now! like when did that happened?!

this was taken when we were viewing the 4room showflat. (oh yes, i think i entered into a wax museum, he looks the same for all six. =|) he still have the “havent recover from morning diarrhoea” look. haha!

ok, this is better! he is getting mischievous again. (yap, i chopped my hair at the back.)

(i will upload more photos soon at the showroom again!)

went to SMU to attend this evening talk. n for the first time, we are attending a course TOGETHER! not to forget, he is paying for my $3497 worthed of 2 days course program fees.

yes. thats love! wanting your the other half to advance together with you in life. n i love you dearly BB!

this was wat we saw in Courts. damn cute.

i think they were trying to save electric by turning off the aircon to fans, n if u notice, the entire glass wall was GONE! n to think i was eating my ice kacang halfway, i was shocked when i saw the aunties sliding the glass door to the sides…

when we were walking back to the car, we saw this very cute area..

is called the FLIRTING POINT! apparently, is kinda hard to do so when is drizzling, n is open air! haha!

back home, checking the markets…