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The Art of Staying Together Happily

10 Jul

recently there are so many things were running through my mind. you know lah, must be coming to the emo time of the month (haha! obviously like who doesnt know that i stop my menses since 17?!)

but anyway, long story short, IM GETTING MARRIED! & the mentally exhausting part, the preparations. of coz, im lucky lah~ coz is iggy we are talking about here! he does EVERYTHING FOR ME! all i need to do is to show my face that day!

seriously, i love him to the max man! obviously lah, if not i wouldnt have accept his proposal right?! talking about that, need to get both the proposal youtube up for editing!

i have NOT gotten my guest list. damn sian to even list down. im screwed lah.

someone was asking what’s real love?

everyone just have their own definitions by how it was being passed down by their parents or how they see it & compare themselves with other’s relationship. whether you believe it exist anot, is up to individual.

is like, you dun have to see God to know there is just something out there? thats y there are either the free thinkers or the pious religious people.

most people used to tell me, as long as the guy is decent, nice, steady got job, is ok. to be honest, IT ISNT! god knows how sad & emo i used to be with all my the other ex’s? & is just surprising that when you are out of that sticky situation, you tend to see clearer that other people are more or less facing the same. but of coz, who are you to judge?

i once read an article (mind u, is proven), if the couple start to talk and complain about each other, most prob the marriage will lead to a separation. factoring out all the justifications of “ok lah, despite of all these, he is still a nice guy.” to be honest lah, i have hear girls who tell me their “two timer” bfs are nice. “my extremely lazy bf” but ok lah, other than that, he is nice. he is abusive only when he drinks, but he is an angel(nice) when he isnt drinking. like come on lah, nice is too general.

to think i was in that stage before, giving like 101 reason y i should just hang on even though i was unhappy. such an idiot i am.

this “friend”, is getting married to someone who she didnt like. criticise him like nobody’s business, complain & complain. but she has the reason to do so, she is capable than him. cry & cry, and later on tell me ok lah, other than that he is “nice”

when a girl cries too much in a relationship becoz of the guy, it just means you guys aint compatible. (honestly, brutally true) the only time when the girl stops crying, is when the relationship is coming to an end, and she has moved on.

till date, the tears iggy gave, was all happy things. in the past, i wouldnt have believed there is such a relationship. but seriously, iggy is the only guy who proved me all wrong in many aspects. we never once had a serious fight or arguing? at least i dont remember?

i finally found out the differences why people say wat they say about, “when u finally have a fight, is the end of the relationship”.  when they say couples fight, i have always take it as ferocious quarrelling. & when iggy & i so-called “fight”, is more like we talk about our differences in expectations.

im happy with iggy. is a kind of heartfelt happiness around people who are around us feel. is never abt proving who’s right, but weighing wat exactly is much impt in the whole purpose of the argument. he always make time for me, other than his career, im very much his next priority. i love being valued, being very loved by him, being pampered, not out of habit, but becoz he really love you so much not to ever let you get upset with him.

many often,  the day you find someone who do that for you, don’t ever let them go cause they’re keepers.


Is a love hate relationship with IPHONE

7 Jul

my iphone slipped and fell into a bucket of WATER!

seriously, no one knows how heart-broken i am…. and after researching like nobody’s business, most iphones are able to work after a few days when is placed IN a bag of rice sack…

i really hope it will worked…

the only thing i am worried is, the screen faded really DARK when i took it out of the water.. almost like is off… i really prayed that all these will be fine after 3days time….

BB who bought the iphone for me, DIDNT SCOLD ME… i feel worst… all he said was, anything that money can solved, is not a problem… and instead of scolding me, making me feel lousy n clumsy, he comforted me…

unlike, ………………………. (this asshole)

as you all know, i used to have a different date every 3 months in sch.. i mean, i was single, and i want to know wat my options are.. anyway, this bf of mine, my goodness, bought me something, after a few months, i think it a bit wore off, and he scolded me like dunno wat? like, wow lao, is very expensive you know? then DUN BUY FOR ME! besides, i dare say i hardly uses guy’s money… so if you guys want to buy girls expensive presents, i suggested you shut up after buying. like, show me anything you buy that wouldnt spoil or wore off? that is no differences between asking a girl back for the things he got after breakup if he wants to voice out how heart pain he is to part those money.

that is why i stopped seeing that loser. i even offered to give the present back to him!

so girls, DUN LET ANY GUY DEFINE THE WAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. NEVER SHORTCHANGED YOURSELF. if you insist that thought that you are not worthy of a better guy, (you need to change that tot!) and you are unhappy about MOST things happening in your current relationship, than most probably you are short-changing yourself.

of coz, Iggy n i have our differences, but i was taught that, it was the differences that makes you attracted to the other person, n many says compromise, but yet, most didnt realised that their “compromising” have unknowingly became a “changed” for the other half, and you end up unhappy. to think many can say, dun try to change the other guy, and yet, you changed yourself n ended up unhappy n shortchange yourself.

and BB said once to me, “i dun want you to compromise for me, this is NOT a virtue. if you are unhappy, tell me. we can talk our differences out”

like, my goodness! where the hell did i get a guy like that?! and to think i was telling all my schoolmates how irritating this “salesman” is… (i dunno why i called him that.. coz he kept asking me out n i got a hunch that he must be selling insurance! haha!) and i didnt like ah bengs, which he looks very much like one last time and drives an ah beng car too.. so not my fault for my first impression wat!

i am so glad i am finally settled down, and we are getting married next year end. =D we even planned about the schools our kids will go. the girls will follow me in IJ, and the boys will follow him in SJI. yes.. that’s how far we went…

I know, i know

12 Jun

is like the 90275263491749027598470174 times another friend of mine is asking me when is my red bomb. to be honest, Iggy and I are both equally excited, but i am still hoping for the 111111 date.

come to think about it, i didnt partor with Iggy for very long, and to shock you guys more, we more or less got “engaged” after about 6months together. (yes, thats how the 1 carat ring came about.)

last time when girls tell me that you will know he is the one becoz YOU WILL JUST KNOW IT?? i think they are all idiots. who knows, i am slapping my mouth now! haha! i am never more than sure that i want to settle down. you really WILL KNOW!! after all, is been a TERRIFIC 1.5years. i am extremely HAPPY. happiness just escalate all the way to my family, my surroundings, just everything! this is definitely wat i want.


you know, i used to think being such a feminist, i tot i enjoyed wearing the pants in all my relationships, i know so many of my girlfriends who are actually wearing the pants rather than the skirts, infact, MOST of the girls i know are. girls now are as smart and intelligent, we earned just as much, and we voiced out as loud too. until i got to know Iggy, i realised that i really do love the idea of wearing the skirt.

i love the feeling of a guy taking control of all situations, being decisive, got a mind of his own, ambitious, you know how some guys are just not so attentive and initiative? and you just cant let go and let them handle some things? Iggy is the only one that i know i can TOTALLY RELAX because is him. infact, you will even doubt that you cant do a better job, and you will rather him to do it for you. most important, he remembers what i say, he puts me as his priority, he makes me feel very loved, he is very respectful.

he is very nurturing. he taught me many many things, he open my view points, he expose me with many things i never knew, and he told me something recently that i am surprised to learnt about this, he heard somewhere, where couples by right should NOT compromise to the extend that you have totally changed for the other half UNKNOWINGLY, because when one dun want to fight, you give in, is only when there is no more arguments and quarrels, thats when the sparks have went off. it is because of the differences you both had at first, that made the two come together. he told me giving in to him is not a virtue. so to be honest, we both do fight a lot… very constructively. =)

honestly, after hearing that, how many of you are in a damn long relationship, not even sure if you still love him, or you are just too used to him? and you cant even be bothered to fight? im guilty.

so anyway, if you are going to ask when am i going to get married again, i will just tell you i just gave birth last month. HA!

loved it when i see happiness around me

7 Apr

was looking at Abigail’s gown fitting photos, wow! she looks so beautiful in them! of coz, the love and happiness surrounding her in those photos!

it makes me want to go to my best friend’s gown fitting this month!! but so sad, got to work…

both iggy n i concluded that we are NOT going to get wedding bands, coz i really hate all the designs for ladies. so he will just get one ring, and i will get one engagement ring, so i will continue to stay engaged! =) haha!