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A week before SG50

2 Aug

Bb has to work over the weekend.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. N because he had to wake up early, so I told him don’t stay over.

But he will always find time to have dinner with me! So we went to geylang to have our porridge.

Really enjoyed every moment spent with him.. we just have endless things to talk about.

Sigh, another day without him.. I looked forward to tomorrow night…


let’s see…

6 Apr

okok, i know, i havent been updating recently…

morning invigilations is seriously wat i dread most! as much as i hate to catch students cheating, but yet, i got to be fair to those who really studied and deserved it. god knows how many i caught in total? at least i know is more than 10students. hate it. is like, your parents worked so hard back in China, n u are here enjoyin life in Sg.

anyway, i am so glad to have a bunch of ex-colleagues i have.

This is wat Eug got for me! Of coz, Mickey was the one who paid for it, Lela was the one who thought of me, Eug was the one who brought it up to me along with SF too! haha!

That is why I really feel grateful n thankful, esp appreciative to the angels that is constantly around me.